Water Bottles Are Great

Everyone has their water bottle they use every day, and some people can become very protective and hostile of their liquid holders. There are also the types of people that are fine with sharing and giving waterfalls. Which one are you? We remember the bottles that look like milk cartons, and the Hydro Flasks, but what about new ones? With the new year, people are going to want to drink more water daily as a goal. In a few months though, I’m willing to bet these bottles will end up collecting dust with the plastic containers that are missing lids. Here’s a list of water bottles I predict are going to be popular in the upcoming future.

The first beverage bottle:

We’ve seen this quencher already take a rise in popularity, but I have a feeling it will continue to grow. It comes in popular neutral colors that are becoming common and it’s 40 oz. While it is expensive for the bottle, it has a high rating and it seems to be heavy duty. It is a chunky fella though, so if you’re looking for slim and small, this isn’t the bottle for you.

The second container:

Hopefully we’ll start using metal water bottles, but to the people who prefer multi-use plastic or just don’t care, this Tritan is the bottle for you. I haven’t seen this bottle much, but it’s easy and quick access to get the fluid to your mouth and lips. It’s 24 oz, so it doesn’t hold the most, but it’s certainly a good amount. This is the type of bottle you want if you need slim and small.

The third cuppie: 

This bottle comes in a wide variety of bright colors, including black. This is sort of like the Stanley water bottle, but it’s definitely a smaller, cheaper version without a handle, so you’re gonna have to grip it with your fingertips. It’s 30 oz so it’s a pretty good size.

The fourth water bottle:

This sleek 18 oz bottle is perfect for on the go and tight places. This light liquid holder comes in three neutral colors and is stainless steel. I think this is going to become popular because of the sleekness and style. It’s very simple, and those types of things are growing popular by the day. It is a little expensive but the reviews are four stars out of five.

The fifth drink bottle:

The Life Is Good brand has become well known the past year, and I’ve already seen a couple of their water bottles popping up. All their products have a simplistic cute design and have things for everyone. This water bottle is my favorite on their site, but they have other containers. This is a little chunky fella, holding 32 oz. Compared to most of the other bottles on this list, the price is pretty good for what you’re getting.

I hope you liked reading my predictions on water bottles, and if you haven’t found your beverage container, I wish you all the best in 2023. Remember to wash your bottles and drink enough water! 🙂

April Chahmirian, Staff Writer

Sophomore April Chahmirian is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes reading and counting down the days until Halloween.

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