The Tale Of The Five Pregnant Sheep At LHS

It’s lambing season here in the LHS Ag-Sci department! The Lamb Watch Crew, consisting of junior Shelby Morrison, junior Teagan Lajoie, junior Sydney Weber, junior Leah Petersen, sophomore Cassidy Baker, and sophomore Jessica Dudley, were more than prepared for anything they might face. Five sheep were bred this year: Honeysuckle, Maplesugar, Clover, Violet, and Jingles, to ram Prancer in August and September, and we had due dates ranging from the beginning of January to the end of February. 

To keep the mamas healthy during their pregnancies, we gave them supplements every morning, plenty of exercise, extra sugar, and anything else they could need to be as happy and healthy as possible. 

So far, Honeysuckle and Maplesugar have both given birth, Maple had two girls, Mabel and Magnolia, and Honey had two boys, Harlan and Howie. For Maple’s birth, Teagan Lajoie said, “We got to the school around 5:30 and I helped Shelby cut the umbilical cords. We also cleaned off Mable since her mom did not lick her as much as she should have. We made sure they were nursing and around eight we left but were still checking cameras throughout the day.” 

When asked what she likes most about being on the Lamb Watch, Sydney Weber stated, “What I like best about being on Lamb Watch is experiences from it. Such as learning the behaviors of the lambs when in labor. Also, with the vet coming it is important to listen to the vet. The vet teaches us important skills that will travel with us for our lives. There is not much that would be a downfall. If you don’t like getting dirty I wouldn’t recommend it. Being part of this is a hard, dirty job and we need 110% of every person in this group.” 

We’ve all had such an amazing experience being a part of this, and we can’t wait to see what comes next for Clover, Jingles, and Violet.

Cassidy Baker, Staff Writer

Sophomore Cassidy Baker is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She enjoys reading, anything to do with animals, and spending money she doesn’t have. 🙂

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