No More Chocolate Milk For Ledyard High School

For some of us, chocolate milk during lunch is the one mercy we get when in high school. Sure, being with your friends or taking a break from hours of classes is nice, but chocolate milk is really just a source of relaxation and peace. Although it might be spoiled once in a while, it’s usually just the thing needed in the middle of the day. The problem that needs to be addressed is how Ledyard High School will not be supplying the chocolate milk anymore. 

Recently, there have been a couple times where the chocolate milk was missing from the crate that sits next to the plain milk. Imagine going through the food lines and making your way up to the milks and the familiar brown carton is missing. It sends people into panic and spirals. You get your food and sit down at your table and look at the empty spot where the chocolate milk should be. Who gets plain milk when they were looking forward to chocolate milk? No one I know. It’s devastating and honestly day-ruining. As a student of Ledyard High School, I believe it’s outrageous they are taking away our privilege of enjoying chocolate milk.  Plus, it’s not even like they are charging extra for it, they’re just not getting it anymore. This leads to the big question: Why?

My sources tell me this is because of a decrease in brown cows at Ledyard High School. Because of the extinction of brown cows, it’s getting hard for them to keep enough cows to produce their chocolate milk for the school. This makes it difficult for Ledyard to get their hands on chocolate milk, which is very unfortunate for us high schoolers who depend on it during the day.  The next question: How can we help? 

In order to help this depressing cause, students can make an impact and help the decline rates of brown cows increase at Ledyard by doing a few simple things. One, flush three chocolate chips in your toilets each night for two weeks. Two, melt a chocolate bar and pour it into your sink drain. It specifically has to be your kitchen’s sink, your bathroom one will not work as it upsets the brown cows stomachs. Lastly, write a letter dedicated to your local brown cow queen. If you didn’t know, it’s like the queen bees because cows have a similar ranking system. Students at Ledyard High School have started a group to act against this foul mishap, so you can bring in the letter and give it to them. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about the injustice going on at Ledyard High School. If you are against the discontinuation of chocolate milk at Ledyard, please take the action to fight against brown cow extinction and use your voice to petition. 

April Chahmirian, Staff Writer

Sophomore April Chahmirian is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes reading and counting down the days until Halloween.

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