Girls’ Tennis Team Share Their Memories

Athletics are a huge part of Ledyard High School and everyone joins teams for their own reasons. Recently, members of the girls’ tennis team revealed why they joined the team and their favorite part of playing the sport.

While many players only began because they wanted something to do during their high school careers, senior co-captain Olivia Lyon has been playing tennis since she was little and hasn’t been able to put her racket down. “I began playing tennis in the 2nd grade when I was seven. I just wanted to try something new and had no idea that 10 years later I would still be in love with the game. I joined the school tennis team my freshman year to have more team-orientated experiences as to that of playing U.S. Tennis Association matches only.”

Most team members share a favorite part of the sport. Sophomore Erika deAndrade shares, “I love tennis because it’s a team sport but also has an individual side to it. I love cheering on my teammates and having the team as a whole improve together over the school year. But, my favorite part is playing singles and acing the opponent with a serve.”

Although cheering in tennis may be quiet, every player can feel the support surrounding them during a match, win or lose. “With high school tennis, I always love the energy of my teammates. Although I play singles, I always feel a strong sense of belonging with everyone cheering each other on,” Lyon said.

Megan Rosen, Staff Writer

Sophomore Megan Rosen is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is on the volleyball team.

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