DISCLAIMER: If you didn’t watch the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, skip this article because it contains spoilers.

After months of die-hard Walking Dead fans agonizing over who may have died–many fans overanalyzed the finale of Season 6 to reveal hints as to who it could have been–the time finally arrives for a character to die.

Unfortunately, not one, but two different cast members of The Walking Dead (TWD)family met their demise due to Lucille (Negan’s barbed-wire bat). Both of these characters were very important in the comics, as well as the hearts of TWD fans. According to the comics, Abraham was originally supposed to receive the arrow Denise was killed by in the TV series, so he was already living on borrowed time.  Glenn, on the other hand, was the original recipient of Negan’s wrath, so this should not have been a huge shocker. Even the gore of the scene stayed true to the comics, but it was still hard to watch. Here’s an overview of the characters’ lives before their deaths:


Abraham Ford, the fiery redhead with the best lines in TV history, was first introduced during Season 4, episode 10, after life in the prison. The people closest to him were Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa, and eventually Sasha Williams. For a long period of time, he was with Rosita, but before his death he confessed, “I thought you were the only girl in the world…you weren’t,”  before breaking off their relationship. It was evident after that point, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sasha. Abraham was the first of two characters to sadly depart from us as a result of Negan’s revenge. Negan claimed he killed Abraham as payback for Rick’s people killing his men. Abraham’s  infamous last words will allow fans to keep him in their memories.

After Abraham’s death came a surprise nobody wanted. Lucille was covered in Abraham’s blood, and Negan tortured Rosita by making her look at it. Daryl, out of  anger, got up and punched Negan in the face. Negan grew furious as he said, “The first one [outburst] was free…now you’re gonna pay.” For a brief time, Daryl fans were probably in a state of horror, fearing his fate, before Negan turned around and smashed Lucille into Glenn’s head.


Glenn Rhee was one of the vital characters of the show — he had been on The Walking Dead since Season 1, episode 2. He was first known as the “cheeky pizza delivery boy,” but grew into a dynamic character as the seasons went on. He met his wife, Maggie Greene, in Season 2, where they became everybody’s favorite couple. Glenn and Maggie managed to separate quite often in the show, but always somehow found their way back to each other. There had also been many near-death experiences for Glenn, but sadly, this time around, Glenn ran out of luck when he was killed by Negan. Glenn’s death was portrayed in the show very similar to the comics, his last words being, “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

Scoping the halls of Ledyard High School, The Colonel managed to catch up with a couple of students to see what their thoughts were about the Season 7 premiere.

Senior Zachary Durcan claimed, “I didn’t exactly cry like a lot of people did, but I was pretty sad about it; knowing and watching since Season 1, and seeing how Glenn’s grown, and seeing since Season 4 how Abraham’s grown as a person, it was very hard for me to see how their lives were over in one moment when they had both reached such a high potential.”

Many were more upset about Glenn than Abraham and vice versa. “I was probably more upset about Glenn’s death because he’s been there since the beginning, but I really love Abraham too, so that made me sad as well.” Senior Edie Parungao said.

Although fans are upset about these deaths, people are curious to see how Negan will be taken down from his throne. Many of The Walking Dead fans are excited to see what’s to come throughout this season even though Abraham and Glenn both won’t be there. The Walking Dead Season 7 continues every Sunday at 9 p.m PST on AMC.

Alexys Kopp, Staff Writer

Senior Alexys Kopp is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. She has an interest in science and plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

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