Full-time Colonel, Part-time Hero

Photo provided by Jimmy Fitzmaurice

Ledyard senior and volunteer firefighter Jimmy Fitzmaurice had a hectic day after leaving school early on Dec. 15 around lunchtime to assist with the fire that had started at a recycling building on Lorenz Parkway. Many units responded and struggled to fight the fire as it lasted most of the day.

“There was a lot of other fire departments helping out because this was a pretty big fire,” Fitzmaurice said. “All the water we used to put it out covered the ground and froze the ground. So yes it was a lot of work. But also a challenge, but a fun challenge.”

Despite that challenge, Fitzmaurice made the best of it and put in his all to help his team defeat the fire.

“I’ve been a vol firefighter for about a year and half,” Fitzmaurice said. “I joined because I wanted to try something new and challenge myself and meet new friends. The firehouse has let me meet new friends. I enjoy learning. There is always something to do at the firehouse, ranging from cleaning the fire trucks to doing forcible entry.”

Most Colonels put on their sports shoes to play a game after school, but some put on their work boots to help better the town and improve the community.

Corrynne Medina, Staff Writer

Senior Corrynne Medina is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. She plays varsity basketball and softball and participates in Young Marines. After graduation, she will be going into the United States Marine Corps.

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