Colonel Pride, Diplomas, and…Fireworks?

Although the snow days might feel relaxing and enjoyable in the moment, they have a huge impact on the well-deserved summer vacation. With the four recent nor’easters slamming Connecticut with high winds, cumulative snowfall, and below freezing temperatures, LHS administration has come to the conclusion to move senior graduation to July 4th, 2018.

That’s right, Class of 2018, one more week of classes. No more taking exams early. No graduation party. Everyone will be coming to school for the last week of June, that is, if you want to graduate.

In order to get that official diploma and walk across the track, seniors must attend classes/exams from June 25th-June 28th, so all the missed time from the snow days can officially be made up, not to mention attend the graduation rehearsal both days. At least school isn’t going until August, so that’s a positive?

Coming to this decision wasn’t an easy one, as some people may argue. It took a lot of heated conversations, documentation, and angry Twitter tweets from students to finally agree that making up the days was more important than lounging about at home, binging Netflix series or constantly playing Fortnite. Mrs. Fagan stands firm in her decision, and there’s no turning back. “The state of Connecticut requires school districts to program a minimum of 180 school days for students, even graduating seniors,” said Fagan. “Obviously, the nine snow days we had this year pushed us deep into June before we could hit our 180. Since we were already at June 27, we decided a postponement made sense.” Fagan pitched an idea to the Superintendent and Board of Education that kept the focus on the celebratory nature of graduation, and they approved the move. “Pushing graduation to July 4 creates such a festive feel for the night,” Fagan said. “The Booster Club has generously paid for a massive, 4th of July fireworks display, and since we lost our grad party venue due to the date change, we’re going to have a community cook-out on the football field. Bring your sparklers and your s’mores fixings. It’s going to be great!”

When hearing the unfortunate news, senior Carina Wang was furious. “This is literally my last summer before college, and I had so much planned for it,” Wang said. Her vacation was originally comprised of a trip to Shanghai, a summer camp counselor job, and extensive college shopping. “Will the Ledyard school district refund my $1,500 plane ticket?!,” Wang asked angrily.

Sorry to say seniors, but it’s going to be a bit longer until you can kick off your shoes and forget about high school. Maybe a change like this can be for the better?

Sophie Keefe, Staff Writer

Senior Sophia “Sophie” Keefe is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She is an avid varsity softball player and track runner on top of her involvement in Ledyard music, participating in Acabellas, Carolers, and Select Singers. After school, you’ll find her studying for anatomy while simultaneously petting cats and listening to Plain Ketchup (it’s a band).

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