Snow Day Activity Ideas!

Here at “The Colonel” there is a lot of frustration created by the fact that there have not been any snow days. Although snow days could add a few days on to the end of the school year, LHS students and staff are looking for a much needed day to catch up on sleep and relax a little. So, in the hopes that a snow day arrives at some point this winter, here are five snow day activities!


1) Go out and enjoy the snow

This one may seem obvious, but if the snow is here, enjoy it! After shoveling the driveway, take a walk around the neighborhood and take in the beauty of the fresh snow blanketing the grass and trees. Make sure to wear jackets and warm clothing beforehand though!

2) Have a movie marathon

My personal favorite: snuggling up beneath blankets to watch movies on a cold , snowy day is a classic snow day activity. A whole day off of school means more time to watch the fantastic movies listed in another article on “The Colonel” (linked below). If the thought of becoming invested in a movie series is daunting, cheesy Hallmark romance movies always fit the bill. Filled with bad acting and easy to guess plot points, this movie genre is perfect to put on when one just want to relax and “feel good.”

Link to the Movie article:

3) Bake

To be honest, the members of “The Colonel” do not bake all that often, and their cooking abilities consist mainly of following instructions on the sides of boxes. So in the spirit of such fine cooking abilities, let’s give a shoutout to a couple  of my favorites: Butter Braids and cookie dough! They are super easy to make, and conveniently, Ledyard’s athletic teams and music department have multiple fundraisers to sell these items and more throughout the year!

4) Read a good book

Curl up with hot cocoa, a good book, and sink into another world. “The Colonel” actually released an article a little bit ago with a list of book suggestions to help give more information! Link below.

5) Play a Board game

Playing a board game with family and friends is a fun way to pass the time. Whipping out such classic games as Monopoly or UNO can really bring a family together and provide hours of family fun. Other fun, time-consuming board games include Trouble, Risk, and Clue.

Anthony Zinno, Staff Writer

Senior Anthony Zinno is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. He is an avid member of the music and drama programs here at LHS. Outside of school, you could find him watching Netflix, or going on hikes.


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