Fan-Favorite: Super Bowl Commercials!


The Super Bowl has been an American tradition for as long as anyone can remember. Every year, families and friends get together with each other to watch the highly anticipated game of the season and indulge in fan-favorite foods, including (but not limited to) chicken wings, potato skins, pizza, and anything else fried or unhealthy. While the game is certainly important, the advertisements that play in between have (almost) got it beat. Here are six especially noteworthy commercials from SuperBowl LIII.


Microsoft’s “We all Win”

During the holiday season, Microsoft put out a commercial showing a kid with a disability winning a video game. They followed up the ad with another one, premiering on Sunday during the game, featuring kids with disabilities (in this case limited mobility) playing their favorite games with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, making it easier for them. Microsoft touched the hearts of thousands of viewers with this unique commercial.


Skittles The Musical

Skittles has really outdone themselves with this commercial. In January, Skittles produced a commercial featuring Michael C. Hall telling viewers that the advertisement for the brand will NOT be televised during the game, and it will instead be in the form of a Broadway Musical that viewers actually have to buy tickets to in order to see. A roller coaster of emotions, the commercial really does let you taste the metaphorical rainbow of impulses, wanting to laugh one second and cry the next.


Pampers “Stinky Booty Duty”

Nobody really loves the idea of changing their children’s dirty diapers, and if someone says they do, they’re probably lying. Pampers understands the struggle of looking forward to changing a diaper 10-15 times a day, and provides the audience with some comic relief, featuring musicians John Legend and Adam Levine, telling viewers to “embrace the change” and make changing diapers fun to enjoy doing it.


Verizon’s “The Team that Wouldn’t be Here”

In 2005, the Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn was involved in a car accident that could have taken his life. Luckily, first responders got to the scene quickly and impacted his entire future for the better. In this commercial, Lynn and 12 other athletes involved in similar situations get to speak with the first responders that saved their lives in an emotional advertisement that shows the importance of having good service and data in times of a crisis that could change the lives of many people.


Audi’s “Audi Fever”

One of the less serious commercials of the game, the Audi Fever ad,  features a man excitedly jumping into his dream car, trying to turn it on and being unsuccessful. He then realizes it’s only a dream due to choking on a cashew for lunch. The commercial says, “a thrilling future awaits” as the man is stuck at his day job, providing some comic relief for fans who are angry watching the Patriots win yet another game.


Pepsi’s “More than Okay”

Pepsi commercials are a tradition and typically a favorite of many, bringing out funny commercials every year, getting better which each one. The commercial starts at a diner, in which the customer orders a Coke and the waitress asks, “Is Pepsi okay?”, when Grammy award winner Cardi B turns from her seat and displays her trademark, “Okuurrrrrt.” Suddenly everyone in the diner is using the catchphrase, convincing the customer to order a Pepsi instead, which turns out to be more than okay.


Morgan Sanborn, Staff Writer

Senior Morgan Sanborn is involved in five different choirs, including Chamber, Concert, Women’s, Acabellas and Carolers. She is also involved in the drama department, appearing in the 2017-2018 productions of “Almost, Maine”, and “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. Morgan is also involved in Cheerleading for the football and basketball season and volunteers at events to raise money for the senior class.


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