Senior Spotlight: Savannah Houdeshell

Savannah Houdeshell is an accomplished scholar, leader, and athlete at Ledyard High.

The Colonel: What clubs are you involved in here at Ledyard High?

Houdeshell: I’m the president of both the National Honor Society and Operation Smile, and I also help organize and run events for Cupcakes and Causes.

The Colonel: We heard that you have raised a lot of money, practically single-handedly, for Operation Smile. Could you tell us more about this club? For example, what does it mean for you, and where does the money go?

Houdeshell: Well, with Operation Smile, we run fundraisers to raise money to send to the larger nonprofit organization. I’ve been the president for the past two years and a member for the two years before that. I was the only member last year because all of our previous members had been seniors. This year we’ll be sending around $4,000 dollars to the larger organization. This is an accumulation over a number of years, not just this year.

The Colonel: That is incredible. Thank you for all of your work. Do you plan on continuing your involvement in volunteer groups in college?

Houdeshell: It’s really not that much work. I do want to continue volunteering, after getting settled in college. Right now, however, I’m looking into volunteering on some level for one of the 2019 presidential campaigns. Since Wisconsin is a swing state, I’m really excited to see how the campaigning there differs from our democratic state.

The Colonel: So you’re looking at a school in Wisconsin?

Houdeshell: I’m committed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Navy ROTC scholarship.

The Colonel: What is your fondest high school memory?

Houdeshell: My fondest high school memory is probably from senior sunrise. My friends and I left early and ended up sitting in the back of my car drinking coffee and studying for an AP Psychology test. It was really the first time it hit me that we were seniors and that it would be our last year.

Anthony Zinno, Staff Writer

Senior Anthony Zinno is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. He is an avid member of the music and drama programs at LHS. Outside of school, he could be found watching “The Flash” or going on hikes.

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