Yearly Report Card

A to Almost Maine. Ms. Cometa’s first school play production was a success. We can’t speak for the entire student body, but I, Carina Wang was very touched, and acutely aware of how lonely and desperate for love I am. Our only complaint: we wish it was on for three days instead of only two. We attended the second night, and we had an incredible desire to see it again.


A to Dunkin’ Donuts’ Almond Joy hot chocolate. It’s what’s fueling the people writing this article. And The Colonel itself.

A to Mrs. O’Brien. She likes being featured.

A to the Toy Drive. The spirit of giving was so prevalent here at LHS.

A to being challenged during classes. I’m probably in the minority, in a sea of students afflicted with senioritis, but I’m being so challenged in my classes this year, and I actually love it. Physical anthropology, OPTIC analyses, and the chain rule don’t come easily to me, but it’s all like weightlifting for the brain.

A to Hallmark Christmas movies. Some editors might disagree, but some advisors strongly approve of the Hallmark Christmas movie tradition! They’re fun, they’re predictable, and they’re a fantastic constant during the Christmas season!

B to the season of college apps. Seniors are stressed and still working on their supplemental essays and questions. Even after an entire pot of coffee, I still can’t explain why I want to go to Boston College. The saving grace is wonderful teachers, who add letters of recommendation to their already intense workload, and stellar guidance counselors, who work tirelessly to meet deadlines and calm down freaked-out students.

C to Ledyard’s holiday spirit. There is none.

C to fidget spinners. A if they’re helping your ADHD, F if you’re just making noise in class.

C to unicorn everything. Unicorns are a cute trend, but maybe a frappuccino was a bit too much?

F to Summer Szell’s radiator. Room 106. Are you one of the people complaining about not having an even distribution of grades on A’s and F’s? Stop talking, we’re writing next to a radiator that sounds like a zombie trying to escape it.

F to “covfefe.” How do you say it? What does it mean? Why do we care? Let’s leave the wonder in 2017.

F to crop top sweatshirts. Why wear half of a warm sweatshirt?! Please explain.

F to Hallmark Movies. Specifically the Christmas ones. Some of us don’t agree with our advisors.

F to the bottle flip. So many innocent drinks have been destroyed as a result of a mediocre ‘talent.’

F to Christmas break homework. Have some respect.

Megan Rosen, Editor-In-Chief

Senior Megan Rosen is the Editor-In-Chief for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She participates in the varsity tennis team and PALESTRA at LHS. When she is not in her constant state of sleepiness, you can find her eating a plethora of mexican or breakfast foods while watching Food Network, although she could never cook a thing herself. After school, she enjoys browsing Pinterest and hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ezra Fitz, her cats, as they are better than most people. After high school she hopes to finally escape Connecticut after a long 17 years and attend High Point University to pursue psychiatry, or maybe she’ll change her major as much as she changes her favorite TV show…

Carina Wang, Editor-In-Chief of Horizons

Senior Carina Wang is the Editor-in-Chief of Horizons. In school, she can be found participating in PALESTRA, taking yearbook pictures, and/or going through iPhone withdrawal. She loves peace, Starbucks, Pinterest, and her own Tumblr blog. Her top two aspirations in life are to top 10,000 followers (on the aforementioned Tumblr blog) and to go to NYU. Her favorite author is JK Rowling, and that’s not “boring” or “lame,” @Nathan McCracken.

Julia Bennett, Staff Writer

Junior Julia Bennett is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She is a coffee and Italian food addict and can be found swooning over all things Teen Wolf, even though British TV is clearly superior because “english accents are to die for!”

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