Strange Life On A New Planet?!


It’s 2023, and scientists have discovered a NEW planet! They are calling this planet Felineo. This planet is gray with craters. It has zero gravity and it is one of the biggest planets in the Milky Way Solar System. What’s even better is that scientists have discovered life on Felineo. Scientists call them Cateronmoni. Scientists have not been able to physically touch or see these creatures, so to make the observations they sent a robot with a camera.  

The camera on the robot captured visual images and videos of the creature. The creatures are around two feet tall. They have what looks to be fur all over their bodies and they also seem to walk on fours. Similar to domestic animals, they look very much like cats. The robot took a video of the creatures. One of the creatures hissed and batted at the robot similar to what a cat does to a cat toy. It also meowed at the robot in what seemed to be confusion. 

Also, the robot captured pictures of some odd structures. These structures were triangular or pyramid shaped. When they were opened by the robot they contained what looked like sand. Also, the pyramid shaped container contained what looked like business done by cats. Scientists are saying that these are the bathrooms of the Cateronmoni. They say this because nothing else was found in the container, like food, or anything else created by these creatures. 

Historians are saying that the pyramid shaped containers look almost identical to the pyramids in Egypt. They are similar in size, material used to make them, and construction in general. Some historians are questioning everything they know about Egypt because of this. They are saying that these creatures may have created the pyramids in Egypt. They are saying this because of the striking similarities between the structures found on the new planet and the pyramids in Egypt. Some people are skeptical but some people believe this theory that was brought to life by historians. It is a common theory that aliens created the pyramids, this has been a common conspiracy theory for years, but who knows this may be true. Maybe aliens created the pyramids in Egypt. Maybe the aliens that created the pyramids are from the new planet. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find out soon. 

Hailey Appleton, Staff Writer

Sophomore Hailey Appleton is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes cats, the tv show 9-1-1 and Taylor Swift.

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