Ocean Bowl Team Finishes at Quahog Bowl

On Feb. 6, 16 high school Ocean Bowl teams competed at the CT/RI state championship at Avery Point Campus in Groton. At the end of Round 1, Ledyard was in first place and by the end, the all female team took home a second place finish.

The team was led by senior captain Olivia Triplett, who was accompanied by junior Kelly Banach and seniors Anna Tworzyanski and Erica Grenger.

The Ocean Bowl team has four members who compete and answer questions. Junior Sam Beacham and senior Cheyenne Holliday were the team members who came to support.

“It’s a bit intense,” Banach said. “Everything’s a little overwhelming at first; you have to adapt quickly to the situations you’re in. There is also a team challenge question we get, which are free responses the whole team works on over a longer time period (about 4 minutes).”

The questions are based off of the study of marine science. “We answer questions about physical, chemical, biological, geographical and historical ocean science,” Grenger said. “When we get a multiple-choice question correct before the other team, we get a short-answer bonus question that we have to answer within 20 seconds.”

If anyone is interested the Ocean Bowl team, contacting Mr. Bednarz is the first step. “I have a close friend in Ocean Bowl. I had heard about it from Mr. Bednarz in the past and I already had a long-time interest in marine science,” Banach said.

For Holliday, taking the marine science course was her way onto the team. “I was taking marine science and thought it would be a fun way to help me study for the class.”


Megan Brawner, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Megan Brawner is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the captain of the cross country team and runs Indoor and Outdoor Track. She participates in Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is the secretary of the Senior Class. She is the Editor of Key Club. She will attend Central Connecticut State University to study Business next fall.

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