January Report Card

A to a new year! For seniors, this is the year you’ve been waiting for! As for everyone else, I don’t really know, but I hope you have a good 2018.

A to snow days. When we are inevitably sitting at home on a snow day, there’s a bunch of new season premieres and movies coming out. Or, you know, you could study, but who wants to do that on a snow day?

A to food parties. Bless the members of Ledyard faculty that allow the occasional food party. If you’re a teacher who doesn’t usually do these, just keep in mind the incentive it created for students to do well on your mid-term. Can every class have a post-mid-term food party?

B to the announcement of a Winter Ball. The proposal of a second dance that all students are welcome to is a great idea, but it’s kind of just another homecoming when it’s held in the cafeteria/gymnasium, triggering some not so pretty memories from LMS. Also, thank you members of Student Congress very, very much for not calling the dance  “Snow Ball”

F to mid-terms. Self-explanatory, but the start of a new year at Ledyard High indicates it’s time to begin a month of stress with teachers trying to cram four chapters into three weeks, and just simply needing to find the time to study for these exams worth 10% of your final grade on top of whatever you do outside of school.

F to tests the class before mid-terms. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

F to the parking lot after snowfall. The parking spots are never fully cleared of the snow and mush after a not-so delightful snowfall. After students drive their cars through a pile of snow, they then get to walk very carefully on top of ice, which is almost as dangerous as the student drivers.

Megan Rosen, Editor-In-Chief

Senior Megan Rosen is the Editor-In-Chief for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She participates in the varsity tennis team and PALESTRA at LHS. When she is not in her constant state of sleepiness, you can find her eating a plethora of mexican or breakfast foods while watching Food Network, although she could never cook a thing herself. After school, she enjoys browsing Pinterest and hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ezra Fitz, her cats, as they are better than most people. After high school she hopes to finally escape Connecticut after a long 17 years and attend High Point University to pursue psychiatry, or maybe she’ll change her major as much as she changes her favorite TV show…

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